Established in 1998 as World Cargo Alliance by David Yokeum, WCAworld Chairman, WCA First was the world’s first non-exclusive logistics network. It rapidly rose to become the most powerful and recognized single network of independent logistics operators in the freight-forwarding industry.

In the past, a freight forwarder created its worldwide agent directory from travel, face-to-face meetings, and cold-calling. However, dealing with like-minded independent network of freight forwarders on the other side of the globe was a hit-or-miss affair. It was tough to trust people and their services sight unseen until WCA First was born.

In 1999, the first official annual conference was arranged and became the industry’s game-changing moment. It was evident that the idea of a non-exclusive alliance was working as the founding members contributed resources. Since then, the member business has increased globally, and they now have many reliable partners that they did not have before.

Over the past 20 years, WCA First has introduced many innovative and ground-breaking programs that are now available across all networks of WCAworld. With 1548 member offices in 172 countries, WCA First comprises only the finest independent freight forwarding companies in every region of the globe.


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