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WCA Covid-19 Facebook Group
16 Mar, 2020

Dear Members,

With the Covid-19 crisis now having spread to every corner of the globe, we are fully aware of the significant impact this is having on your business and the logistics industry as a whole.

To enable the rapid and effective real-time distribution of news, information, impacts, disruptions, requests and solutions etc., WCA has created a “WCA Covid-19 Group” on Facebook as a platform for you to communicate with fellow group members from around the world and access useful information. Please do participate and create posts regarding the current Covid-19 situation that you believe will be useful for other members.

WCA Covid-19 Group is a private platform for WCA Group network members and vendor members only (including GAA, Lognet Global and EGLN members) and we encourage you all to join to help us all, as a community, overcome the significant challenges many will face over the coming months.

Please be aware that the Group should not be used for self-promotion or spam posts and keep contributions ‘on topic’. Please read the rules before posting. Any posts breaking the rules will be removed.

Please click here to visit our new page and click “Join Group” button. Once we accept your request, you can participate in the group.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Best regards,



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