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WCA Air Charters/Space Forum
03 Apr, 2020

Dear Members,

Given the fragile and unprecedented situation of the global air freight industry at the present time, WCA has created a new forum to connect members and bring solutions to help your businesses.

Due to the shutdown of many passenger services, there is a lack of airfreight capacity on many routes. Freighters are in huge demand and extremely expensive. Members are cooperating with each other to find solutions to these challenges.

To aid members, WCA has created an online forum, open to members and strategic partners only. This forum has been designed to help match members who have chartered aircraft/confirmed block space capacity with members that require capacity. It will also allow members to collaborate on potential charters or block space capacity.

We will also have airlines and other capacity providers participating and posting their latest availability for freighters and also cargo-only flights using their passenger fleet.

This forum is not for general bellyhold rates or small shipments. It is for confirmed shipments of at least 3000kg and for space offerings to members of at least this level.

Only strictly on-topic posts will be allowed. Any off-topic posts will be removed.

Please make sure you post in the correct topic. If you are looking for space, please post in the Charter/Space requests topic. If you have capacity or charters available, please post in the Charter/Space Availability topic.

To participate in the forum, please register here.

To register please complete the information requested to sign up, including your company name and network membership ID number and once verified you can enter the forum and view and add posts, direct message and chat with other verified forum members.

Please also check your spam/clutter folders for any automated emails response on sign up.

We hope this service can help you and bring you into contact with partners and allow you to cooperate and assist one another.

If you have any queries, please contact

Best regards,



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