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WCA eCommerce: New Direction, New Leadership
14 May, 2020

Dear members,

Mirja Nissen, Managing Director of WCA eCommerce, has vacatedher position and departed the company as of 30 April 2020. In these troubling times, it has been determined that WCA eCommerce requires a new path and direction. To that end, Sripad Bharati, CIO for WCA and based in WCA’s South Florida, USA office, will take charge of our eCommerce group and lead it into a brighter future for the benefit of its members. Bryce Barnhart, WCA VP North America with ten years of experience at WCA will ably assist Sripad, along with North American regional representative Matt West.

New plans going forward for WCA eCommerce are currently in the planning stages and will be rolled out and implemented once the COVID-19 pandemic crisis concludes. Please be assured that WCA management is doing all it can to help our members get through these difficult times and the changes to WCA eCommerce leadership are part of the overall plan to maintain and improve our services across the board.

All WCA eCommerce members will soon be contacted with news on future developments. We value the input of all members so please feel free to contact Sripad Bharati or your regional WCA representative on this or any other matter.

Best regards,
David Yokeum,
Dan March,
Chief Executive Officer


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