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Unified WCA World Bulletins
20 Aug, 2020

Members of Lognet Global, Global Affinity Alliance (GAA) and Elite Global Logistics Network (EGLN) may have realized that they have stopped receiving individual weekly network news capsules and are now receiving the unified WCA Word daily bulletin.  Individual network email broadcasts are being phased out for two reasons:

1. the inevitable increase in cross-network interaction makes it essential that members of WCA-affiliated networks be aware of member departures/suspensions in WCA and vice-versa. Lognet, GAA and EGLN members are also working with one another and must be kept informed on the activities of all of these WCA World groups.

2. WCA World, incorporating affiliated networks WCA, Lognet, GAA and EGLN, now comprise 10,000+ member offices, generating more activity, changes, announcements, etc. In an effort to limit the number of communications sent to members, a daily unified bulletin captures all the information that members need in one convenient place: one single summary per day to avoid clogging up everyone’s computer with multiple emails!

We are always striving to deliver better information to members in a timely manner. If you have any suggestions or advice on this topic, please contact your regional network manager so that your ideas can be forwarded to WCA World management for consideration.


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