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Myanmar: Gold Medallion Coverage Suspended
20 Apr, 2021
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20 April 2021

To: All WCAworld Members (WCA, Lognet Global, Global Affinity Alliance, Elite Global Logistics Network)

Due to the ongoing instability in Myanmar causing difficulty in making and receiving payments, WCAworld will immediately suspend Gold Medallion coverage until further notice.

Effective 20 April 2021 forward, any shipment booked with a Myanmar partner will not be covered by WCAworld’s Financial Protection program.

Any shipments booked prior to 20 April 2021 will remain covered by WCAworld’s Financial Protection Program.

The financial protection program will remain temporarily suspended for all Myanmar members until the situation stabilizes. WCAworld will continue to work with all Myanmar members to ensure any disruption to their business and that of their overseas partners is minimized.

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