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Ukraine - Important information
18 Mar, 2022

Ukraine - Important information

Dear Members

WCAworld would like to express our immense gratitude and support to all members that have already made significant contributions to the massive humanitarian and aid efforts, following the Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24 February.

Members in Ukraine, in surrounding countries and from around the world have played a significant role in transporting, clearing, consolidating and delivering humanitarian aid both inside Ukraine and to the millions of refugees that have flooded into neighbouring countries.

Members have also been housing refugees, feeding orphaned children, helping to find schooling, donating blood, raising funds for aid and assisting charities. The compassion and help shown by all members assisting is humbling and a great reflection of this amazing group of people and companies.

How is WCAworld helping?

1.WCAworld has been helping co-ordinate shipments of aid and finding suitable partners for aid shipments. We have also been collecting and collating information on the most effective way of delivering aid and the items and commodities that are most in demand. We invite any member that needs assistance with an aid shipment to contact us if they need assistance.

2.We have collated a list of members both inside Ukraine and in neighbouring countries that are involved in aid shipments and have services/facilities that can be used for shipments. This list will be updated as new information is provided. For members that may be able to assist with shipments into Ukraine or within Ukraine please see first link. For members from neighbouring countries that are offering a range of services and transport options to aid consolidation points, refugee areas and into Ukraine please see the second link.

3.We have launched a new message board specifically for the Ukraine situation within WCAworld ICE. WCAworld will be posting relevant information and requests here. Please go to: and sign in using your WCAworld username and password. From here you will be able to view and post information, messages and requests. Please be aware that the message board is specifically for humanitarian aid, funding, support and logistics. It cannot be used to facilitate the transport of weapons or other frontline military equipment.

4. WCAworld has launched the WCAworld Foundation as a registered non-profit charity. The Foundation will welcome any donations from members that will be used for three main purposes: Procuring and delivering urgent aid to refugees and civilians in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries; supporting local charities on the ground in Ukraine and refugee areas; providing financial support to the staff, families and friends of our Ukrainian members that need urgent help. Every dollar donated will be used entirely for aid and charitable purposes.

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