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WCAworld to launch new Eco qualification and benefit - Effective 1 December 2022
15 Nov, 2022
WCAworld to launch new ‘Eco’ qualification and benefit – Effective 1 December 2022

On 1 December we will launch a new logo qualification and industry-leading product for members. This new program will allow customers and partners to identify members that utilise internationally recognised emissions tools and calculators and provide essential data on the environmental impact of freight movements.

Why we are doing this

The effects of climate change are being seen and experienced around the world and governments and international bodies are increasingly responding to these challenges by introducing a raft of legislation, regulations, incentives and penalties within a huge range of industries.

The global supply chain is under particular scrutiny and all players, from shippers and forwarders to carriers, truckers and ports and airports will be affected by these changes. We want WCAworld members to be fully informed and at the forefront of implementing the products, processes, regulations and emissions data provision that will be increasingly required.

The changes the industry is making marks a huge opportunity for WCAworld members to place themselves as leaders in this area. As more and more shippers are required to provide emissions data and produce carbon offsetting policies, they will increasingly rely on logistics partners that can provide this data and help them meet regulations, offset carbon and achieve their obligations and aims. Many larger tenders from shippers already demand verified emissions data from their logistics partners.

What we are doing

WCAworld has become an associate member of the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC). GLEC is the only globally recognised methodology for calculation and reporting of the logistics greenhouse gas footprint across the multi-modal supply chain. We are working with GLEC to ensure we provide all members with information, advice, products and tools, as well as ensuring the independent freight forwarding sector is sufficiently represented within this body, alongside multinational members such as K+N, Maersk, DSV, Evergreen etc.

Additionally, WCAworld has partnered with a company that offers a world-leading integrated carbon measurement and emissions reduction platform – to help members measure and mitigate shipments and provide these services to their partners and customers. We have jointly created an exclusive product and package at a price unavailable outside of WCAworld. We will announce more details on 1 December during the launch of the product.

To aid in the identification of any member company that has acquired and integrated a GLEC-approved emissions calculation and mitigation product, we will be placing a green ‘ECO’ logo on their WCAworld directory and profile entries. This will allow other members and potential shipper customers to easily recognise members that can offer this service. Members do not have to utilise the product offered by WCAworld, but it does have to be a product recognised by GLEC.

When will this be implemented?

We will formally announce the emissions tool and products and introduce the ‘ECO’ logo on 1 December. Going forward we will also provide clear information on current and planned regional or global regulations and targets. We will also run webinars on how to implement the best environmental tools and strategies to win new business and customers.

We will announce more details on 1 December as well as information on how you can acquire your ‘ECO’ logo.


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