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WCAworld Launches ECO Programme with Pledge
07 Dec, 2022

WCAworld Launches ECO Programme with Pledge

WCAworld is delighted to announce that our new ‘ECO’ programme is now live, offering members the opportunity to identify partners that have full carbon emissions measuring capabilities and work together to win new business from shippers and producers.

A key part of the programme is our new partnership with Pledge, offering members a fully accredited and well-respected solution for emissions measurement, analytics, and offsetting.
Working closely with Pledge, we have created an exclusive product package that includes a 15 percent discount for all WCAworld members. WCAworld itself is not making any revenue from this initiative and has launched it purely as a member benefit.
Please see more information on our ECO homepage here.
To qualify for the ECO logo on your profile, members must demonstrate that they have acquired and utilise an emissions measurement and offsetting tool recognised by Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC). The GLEC Framework is the global method for calculating and reporting logistics emissions. WCAworld joined GLEC earlier this year and will play an active role in representing SME and regional forwarders.
The solution offered by WCAworld/Pledge is easy to set up and start using, allowing each user to:

  • Integrate sustainability and provide accurate emissions calculations per shipment
  • Work with your TMS, Logistics Service Provider, or other platforms to get shipment-level activity data
  • Upload data in CSV or use the Pledge API
  • Receive GLEC Framework accredited reports in line with GHG Protocol and others
  • Obtaining accurate and trustworthy emissions data for Ocean/Air/Road/Rail/Inland Waterways (barge)/Logistics sites

The system conforms to the GLEC Framework applying the GHG Protocol for road and rail, as well as the published ICAO methodology for air transport, Clean Cargo Working Group for ocean freight, and CSN EN for passenger and freight transport.
The system is also audit-ready with the Clarity feature, providing transparency and visibility.
You can also offset carbon yourself or offer offsetting options to your customers using a range of options including:

  • Selecting projects that suit your needs and explore ready-to-go diversified portfolios of carbon offsets
  • Place your order in minutes – choose an amount and place your order or use the Pledge ready API
  • Get your certificate
  • Track and trace your orders
  • Built-in security enhancing integrity via the Verify feature

As regulatory bodies and governments around the world impose additional regulations and targets on exporters, producers, and the supply chain as a whole, it will become increasingly important that you can provide verified and accurate data to your customers. We hope that WCAworld members can take the opportunity to lead the industry on these changes and provide the service and tools to win increasing amounts of contracts from global shippers.


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