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Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Update
31 Mar, 2022

Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Update

Dear members,

First of all, we have had a huge number of reports and correspondence with members from all over the world that are doing amazing work in helping to organize, deliver and fundraise to help ease the humanitarian crisis in and surrounding Ukraine. We are truly humbled at the effort and compassion you continue to show to help those in need. We personally would like to thank all of you.

Alongside continuing to assist members in finding the right partners and services for aid shipments WCAworld has been extending help to our existing members in Ukraine and their families and colleagues.

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Alongside this, our newly-launched WCAworld Foundation has been purchasing, organizing and transporting aid shipments and goods both inside Ukraine and in surrounding countries. This week we have:

1. Purchased and delivered medicines and essential equipment for a hospital in Odessa, Ukraine.

2. Purchased sleeping bags and materials for refugees in Ukraine (in partnership with member: Lukro)

3. Purchased humanitarian goods (tents, heaters, etc.) for a refugee camp in Ukraine (in partnership with member: KTL).

4. Our first of a series of humanitarian aid trucks left UK Tuesday for a humanitarian aid center in Poland (with assistance from member: Espace Europe).

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5. We are in process of purchasing essential food and hygiene products in Slovakia for transport into Ukraine.

6. We are sending further trucks from UK with essential foods and healthcare products to Poland and Ukraine.

If you wish to donate to the foundation to help support these efforts any amount would be welcome. All donations are used directly to support humanitarian aid efforts.

Please go to:

WCAworld does not deduct any admin fee or charge any work time of staff, so you can be sure your donation will reach the people in need. WCAworld Foundation is a registered charity.

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