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IFC8 is Now Part of WCAworld
18 Jan, 2023

IFC8 is Now Part of WCAworld

To all WCAworld Members,
We are proud to welcome to WCAworld an exciting new addition to our family, the IFC8 (InFinite Connection) network. IFC8 is a “boutique” network that maintains a limited-sized grouping of carefully vetted high-quality agents. WCAworld has enjoyed informal cooperation with IFC8 for the past six years, and it was finally decided to formalize the relationship and have IFC8 become a full-fledged part of the WCAworld family!
IFC8 members will now access WCAworld’s unmatched suite of member benefits and programs, along with financial protection via Gold Medallion. This means that all WCAworld members are fully protected when working with IFC8 members and vice versa. IFC8 members are now searchable at the WCAworld directory here.
IFC8 joins Lognet Global, Global Affinity Alliance, Elite Global Logistics Network, and the various WCA networks and specialty groups to comprise the world’s largest and most powerful grouping of logistics providers.
IFC8 (InFinite Connection) will continue to be directed by its experienced Singapore-based team under the auspices of WCAworld management. Please visit the IFC8 website: 

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